About Me

Hello and welcome to Unique Wiki. A blog for tips and tricks, information and ideas, shortcuts and suggestions to help you live life smartly, Healthy and effectively.

All of us are living our lives. But how many of us are actually LIVING IT? Confused??? Well what I am trying to say is that we are all busy caught in the clutter of everyday life forgetting in the process the simple joys of living. Here is a blog to help simplify life for you.

Here we will talk about anything and everything to help you transform a mundane life to an exciting one…a monotonous routine to an entertaining journey.

Before we dive into this pool of blogging let me introduce myself. My name is Amit. I have back ground in IT. After working for  a few years in Computers (IT) Industry I worked in different Industry and now I am exploring the world of internet!

I will be writing in Hindi and English on this Blog.

Live Life Lite!

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