Top Ten Tips for Giving a Good Wedding Speech


Wedding Speech

A happy marriage is a long conversation that always seems too short. Andre Maurois

Is this your first time to present a wedding speech? Do you have any ideas on how to create a wonderful wedding speech? If you have no experiences yet, this list of tips below is what you need to create a very unique and unforgettable speech for wedding. Pay attention to each tip because it’s going to benefit you on how to prepare, practice and present.

1. Prepare in Advance

A successful and good wedding speech is a result of hardwork. Thus, you must have enough time and preparation to make a speech. This is the secret in making a speech that is not only a good one but also the best among wedding speeches the audience may hear. It is recommended that you do this a few days or weeks before the wedding to give you enough time to edit.

2. Know Your Order to Present a Speech

Before you start writing down, you must know your order to present a speech. This is to have an easier way of knowing what to tell. If you are on the second place or probably last of the order of wedding presenters, you won’t need to welcome everyone because the first speaker may do it so. If you are the first speaker, you must do your best to catch everyone’s attention and feel they are all welcome.

3. Present a Good Introduction

It is important that the first line of your wedding speech can catch attention and break silence in a room. You may choose to give a funny wedding quote to ensure everybody’s eyes turn into you or present a video of the couple in short seconds. Just try to be creative to guarantee that the whole audience is going to listen to your speech.

It is also part of the introduction to tell your relationship to the couple. You might be one of the parents, siblings, the maid of honor or the best man. What’s certain is to let them know how much you truly know the couple or at least one of them and how you appreciate each of their lives.

4. Tell Great Stories about the Couple


You have a special role in the lives of the couple that’s why you’re chosen as one among the participants in a wedding. So, in your speech, you have to tell wonderful and positive things about the couple. If you are close to the bride, tell more of her great qualities, character traits, passion, interests and goals. If your heart is closer to the groom, tell the same things about him. Of course, do not forget to give remarks about their relationship too.

5. Avoid Causing Embarrassment or Offense

Remember that the last thing you should do is making the couple humiliated. Do not let them feel bad or embarrassed because of stories that are not appropriate or comments that are too offensive. Your speech must consist of words that praise, respect and appreciate the couple. Even the jokes you are going to use must not cause any offense not only to the newlyweds but also to their family and friends.

6. Give Your Personal Pieces of Advice

The most important content of a wedding speech is your personal message to the newlyweds. As a family member or a friend, you need to showcase your full support to them by how much you love to see them work their marriage and have a great family of their own. If you are married or at least has an experience on what it’s like to be in marriage, it is easier to point out some vital marital tips.

7. Grant Wishes and Long-Lasting Happiness

After giving your personal pieces of advice and tips, you follow it with your blessings and wishes to them. You must grant them what you want their relationship and future family would be.

8. Thank Everybody

Do not forget to thank everyone after you have given your speech. This is also your best time to extend gratitude of how everybody supported and participated in the big event.

9. Offer a Wedding Toast

Before you finally take your seat, you raise your glass of wine or champagne and offer a lovely toast for the newlyweds. This symbolizes your care, support and encouragement of a long lasting marriage to the couple.

10. Take Time to Rehearse

Remember that you take some time practicing your wedding speech. After you have made the final draft with all the corrections and editions, you invite some friends or family members to watch you on how you present a speech. You can get some feedback and comments from to polish your speech more.

These ten tips are the things you should keep in mind whenever you need to make a wedding speech. It is very important that you present a very touching and memorable speech.


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